Kings Dominion Discount Tickets & Coupons

In the slideshow above, you are looking at pictures of the rides, coasters, and the water park at Kings Dominion. On this page, you will find the currently available discounts for Kings Dominion to help you in planning for your trip.

King's Dominion ticket prices at the park

Kings Dominion Sign How much do the regularly priced Kings Dominion tickets cost? As of May 2014, the full price at the park's ticket booths is $64 for adults & teens, and $41 for kids and seniors over age 62. (Note: children must be under 48" tall to purchase a kid's ticket. So, there is no particular age when you'll have to start buying your child an adult ticket; it will depend on when he/she reaches 48" in height, including shoes.)

With advanced planning, you can save yourself some money by snooping around for current discounts. So, what is the best discount available? That depends on you...and how often you'd like to visit the park...and when you're going. Not all deals are good for all people, so on the page below, you can see a number of discount options that are available to the general public....and decide which offer is the best choice for you.

Kings Dominion Discounts and Coupons

Kings Dominion Water Park

Here are some options:

1.) Richmond Convention and Visitor's Bureau coupon for King's Dominion: You can print a coupon that will save you $10 off of your ticket to King's Dominion. Where will you find it? Easy---on the official Richmond, VA tourist website, Here's a link to the website's coupons & special offers page. You'll find a King's Dominion coupon during the months that the park is open. You'll also find discounts for local hotels, restaurants and other attractions.

Or, for complete info about the Richmond area, here's a link to the home page.

2.) FREE military tickets to King's Dominion: Every year, King's Dominion holds Military Salute days, and 2014 is no exception. Active, inactive and retired members of the military will receive FREE admission to King's Dominion for the Memorial Day and Independence Day holidays. The exact dates of the special this year are: May 24, May 25, May 26, July 4 and July 5th. To take advantage of this offer, simply show your military ID at the King's Dominion ticket booths. Since this offer does not include family members, you should use the "every day military discount" for them.

EVERY day of the operating season, active & retired military members, plus up to 6 guests, may purchase discounted King's Dominion tickets at the park's ticket booths! You may claim your discount by showing a valid military ID at the time you purchase your tickets.

3.) Look for coupons being sent to last year's season pass holders! Did you have a King's Dominion season pass last year? (Or, a Cedar Fair all-parks pass which you purchased at King's Dominion?) Then, check your mailbox carefully, because coupons will be sent out that are good for very cheap King's Dominion tickets! These are single-day tickets good for selected dates only, but even so, this will be a terrific deal!

What's the catch? There really isn't a catch. King's Dominion has statistics which show that former season pass holders renew them at a high rate. They simply wish to lure former pass holders back into the park...which will very likely tempt them to purchase a King's Dominion season pass again this year! The entire amount that you pay per ticket when using this coupon can be counted towards a new season pass purchase if you DO decide to get one! So, what's not to like about this special deal? The only restriction on this coupon is that it can't be used to purchase Junior or Senior tickets, which are already substantially discounted compared to the full-priced adult tickets.

4.) Employer & Credit Union discount tickets: If you do your banking with a credit union in Virginia (or the surrounding states,) you may be able to get discounted tickets for King's Dominion there. The price differs a little bit from one credit union to another, but in 2014, the cost is running around $40-45 for an adult/teen ticket. Be sure to ask your credit union (or check your c.u.'s website) to see if these money-saving tickets are available.

Also, discount tickets are available through some of the area's employers. You may check your human resources department to see if your workplace offers them. If tickets aren't available, you can encourage your employer to offer them. You can show the King's Dominion company outings and discount tickets section of the park's website to get the ball rolling.

King's Dominion Print-at-home ticket specials:

Kings Dominion's Berserker thrill ride

1.) The King's Dominion general print-at-home discount for 2014 will be $10 per ticket. This will be available at all times during the operating season, so that if you simply take the time to plan ahead, you can take advantage of this web-only special.

Note: A pop-up window opens up on the King's Dominion website when you want to purchase tickets. Some browsers do not display the ticket-purchasing window properly. If this happens to you, then you should try using a different browser.

2.) Surprise discounts: Print-at-home discounts can sometimes give you even more or a savings than the park's normal $10 web-only discount. For example, this Summer, the park is offering a special "3-day advance purchase" discount. This discount will be discontinued at some point, but it won't be the last surprise discount of the year. Last year there were several other specials offered during the summer and fall, including a pick-a-date discount and an adults-at-kids-price discount, as well. Before hunting around elsewhere, don't forget to check King's Dominion's own ticketing pages to make sure they're not having a better money-saving deal than you can get elsewhere.

3.) Twilight Discount: If you plan to enter King's Dominion after 4 pm, then you can save money by purchasing the park's own Twilight Ticket online. The price is always about the same price as a kid's ticket...but sometimes the Twilight Tickets come on sale even cheaper.

4.) Other Print at Home Discounts: As the year progresses, there are expected to be other online discounts made available. Towards the beginning of the season, the park likes to push season passes. But later on as the summer winds down, we should see some other types of discounts promoted by King's Dominion, such as "Pink Days" discount tickets, Two Day Ticket specials, and Value Passes.

If checking out the King's Dominion internet specials interests you, here's a direct link to the park's ticket info & purchasing page for further information.

Still MORE Kings Dominion discounts!

1.) AAA Discounts: Selected AAA offices generally offer King's Dominion discount tickets, including offices in of the Mid Atlantic branch of the AAA. (You must be a member of the AAA...and provide your membership order to purchase these tickets.) Discounts for other attractions are also available for AAA members. If you're interested, please see the Discounts page of the MidAtlantic AAA website.

2.) Virginia Parks & Rec discounts: Special discount tickets can once again be purchased at terrific discounts this year. The actual amount of your discount will depend on what day you visit King's Dominion. For many dates this, you'll be able to purchase tickets for only $33 each. For other days, you'll still be able to get the very good discount rate of $40. Check your local branch for information, or please see the King's Dominion Discounts page of the Virginia Recreation & Park Society website.

3.) Maryland Parks & Rec discounts: Members of the Maryland Recreation and Parks Association are also eligible for cheap King's Dominion tickets. If you'd like to check out the info on this offer, here's a link to the Maryland Recreations and Parks discounts page.

4.) North Carolina Parks & Rec discounts: Similar to the Virginia and Maryland discounts, members of the North Carolina Recreation & Park Association may also be eligible for discounted Kings Dominion tickets (and Carowinds tickets, too!) 2014 information is now available. You may check the North Carolina Recreation and Parks website get details.

Season Passes at Kings Dominion

Kings Dominion's Grizzly wooden roller coaster 2014 Season Passes are now on sale!

While it can be hard to predict how many times you will go to Kings Dominion, this question is very important to see if a season pass is the best option for you. The math is simple, though. A one day admission ticket costs $64, or else $54 when purchased online. The Silver Annual Pass to King's Dominion costs only a small amount more than a one-day ticket. So, unless you're absolutely certain that you'll ONLY be visiting the park ONE day, then getting a season pass saves you money.

Even if you only go 2 days in the entire operating season, you'll save money if you get a season pass. And if you go 3 or more days this year, a season pass will save you more and more money with each and every visit.

Here are the available season passes at Kings Dominion this year:

1.) 2014 Silver Pass: Good for admission to rides, attractions and WaterWorks throughout MOST of the operating season....but not all. The last day you may use a Silver Pass is Labor Day this year. What it doesn't cover: Parking; Halloween Haunt admission; and extra-fee attractions like "Dinosaurs Alive." What's the price? $75 at the time of this update in May, 2014. Installment payments are available at this time, so that you may spread out the cost over 6 small payments. The monthly payment plan may end at any time, so if you'd like to use it, you should get your pass as soon as possible. There is no discount for kids or seniors when buying a silver pass.

Note: A pop-up window opens up on the King's Dominion website when you want to purchase a pass. Some browsers do not display the ticket-purchasing window properly. If this happens to you, then try using a different browser.

2.) 2014 Gold Pass: The King's Dominion Gold pass isn't offered all year long. (It is generally offered in the Spring every year, but discontinued during the summer.) If the Gold Pass if being offered at the time you're looking for tickets, it's a good deal. It gives you admission to the theme park and WaterWorks AND free parking every day of the operating season, including Halloween Haunt. You can check to see if the Gold Pass is being offered again at the time you'll be visiting the park by using the link to King's Dominion's season pass page (below.)

3.) 2014 Platinum Pass: This pass is the most expensive of the bunch, but well worth it IF you can use the benefits. The big difference between other season passes and the Platinum pass is that]the Platinum pass allows you to get free admission to King's Dominion AND OTHER Cedar Fair parks (like Cedar Point, Carowinds, Dorney Park and King's Island)... including free parking at all of them. As you can see on website (Kings Dominion's parent company), there are a number of popular theme parks throughout the country that this pass will get you into. If you plan on going to any one of them, the Platinum Pass will be a great money-saver for you.

For more information, or purchase your pass, here's a link to the park's official Tickets & Season Pass info page.

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